Yoo Sae Yoon This is no laughing matter for Yoo Se Yoo, the comedian who just last week turned himself in at Ilsan Police Station for drunk driving. The police reported that Yoo Se Yoon’s blood alcohol level came out to be 0.118. Nobody was hurt during his "joy ride," however investigators have chosen to suspend his license. The Ilsan police station stated, “There was no accident due to the DUI. Yoo Se Yoon felt guilty and that is why he turned himself in. This is the first time that somebody turned himself in after drunk driving.” Yoo Se Yoon apologized to his fans and followers on his twitter stating, “I am sorry. I gave a huge disappointment to all the people that love me. The incident happened impulsively because I had a lot of stress.” Hopefully, as this is no laughing matter, he learned his lesson.