In Tokyo, a fruit basket from Edible Arrangements as a gift probably won’t cut it, so instead take a trip to the a luxury gift shop that specializes in high-end fruit. Because it’s customary in Japan to give fruits as gifts, only the best will do, and for this reason Sembikiya fruit shop in Tokyo provides high quality and expensive fruit gifts.

Laid out similar to that of a fine jewelry store, Sembikiya presents their fruit selections in glass cases and beautiful wooden shelving units. They carry a wide selection of fruits like apples for $21 each, to unique square shaped watermelon which will cost you $212.

Take a look at some of the other fruit gift and prices Sembikiya offers below.

For those who can't decide Sembikiya offers a variety gift pack for $170.

These are expensive Yubari cantaloups that cost $160 each or $265 for the pair.

Not gonna lie, this square watermelon is so cool looking! How did it even grow that way?! #MindBlown If you want to really impress someone with this gift, you'll have to pay $212 for it!

Each cherry in one of those boxes is priced at $4.00 making the cost of the entire box $159.50!

I'm pretty sure if that witch in Snow White had to pay $21 for ONE apple, none of that mess with the dwarfs would have ever went down.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE