HaHa has gone to the Idol side! After experimenting with his hair he decided on bright -- like really bright, like hello sunshine bright -- blond was the way to go. He tweeted a photo of himself rockin' out in a Bob Marley tee and his new 'do. Funny enough his wife Byul tweeted right behind him completely excited about the transformation saying "I married an Idol! He's like a SHINee member! So pretty~~~^^"


HaHa and SHINee's Key

Key and HaHa

Now SHINee die hard fans, don't go nuts thinking this is a comparison. Byul was joking out of excitement for her husbands new look, so don't start flipping tables and throwing flower pots. We know no one is as precious looking as Key! ^_^

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE