Park Min Ji is the complete opposite of Bora! The adorable Cheese in the Trap actress was recently given the golden the opportunity to talk about her character in the hit tvN series. During her chat, she also mentioned that her hunky on-screen love interest Eun Taek (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) is the "perfect person."

"Bora and I are very different when it comes to dating. Instead of worrying in advance about things that will come later on, I am extremely devoted to my current feelings. I don't think Bora dislikes Eun Taek; rather, she is worrying too much beforehand about their relationship in the future. I'm more inclined to the thought that 'If I like him right now, let's try it out,'" she said in response to the question about if her dating style resembled Bora's.

When asked how she would react if she had someone like Eun Taek in her life, she explained that he was the model person: "Honestly, Eun Taek is a perfect person. Although he's like a friend, he likes me a lot and views me as a woman. On top of that, he's handsome, tall and good looking. I mostly like someone who likes me. I like someone who makes me feel comfortable. 

She jokingly added, "However, there is one problem. I don't like younger men. I only like older men. Regarding Eun Taek, that's my dilemma,"

I completely agree with Park Min Ji! His character does seem perfect. One of the main reasons I checked out Cheese in the Trap was because of Nam Joo Hyuk. He was so cute in the Akdong Musician music videos, and I enjoyed his performance in School 2015. I was excited to see him take on a new role based on a popular webtoon. However, I'm a little disappointed he hasn't had more screen time. 

What do you think about the second couple on Cheese in the Trap? Do you want to see Bora and Eun Taek's happily ever after in the end? 


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