cainandabel_newsSibling rivalry takes a violent turn in Cain and Abel, the new romantic drama centered on two brilliant surgeons -- who also happen to be brothers -- driven over the edge by jealousy.

Shin Hyun Joon plays Lee Seon Woo, a suave combination of James Bond and MacGuyver who can handle any medical emergency. When a woman collapses in front of him miles away from the hospital, he knows just what to do: borrow a construction worker's drill and perform a little impromptu head surgery right there on the spot!

Less showy, but no less talented, is Seon Woo's brother Lee Cho In (So Ji Sub), who's worked hard to succeed as a doctor, but has never been able to escape the shadow of his older brother's fame. What Cho In may lack in flash, however, he more than makes up for in mystery. Why is he so hated by their fiendish mother (Kim Hae Sook in a deliciously evil role)? What's with the ugly jagged scar that runs across his photogenic torso? And isn't there something a little sad about his relationship with his pop star girlfriend (Chae Jung Ahn from Coffee Prince), who has her own intense history with Seon Woo?

Reunited by chance after years apart, the two brothers have a cordial if cautious relationship at first. But that's not going to last...

Cain and Abel was a popular hit on Korean television this Spring, and it's easy to see why. Providing 100% of your doctor-recommended dosage of romance, medical drama, and family intrigue, Cain and Abel's engaging characters (Han Ji Min's fresh, quirky performance as the scrappy Oh Young Ji is a standout) and wild action sequences will have you hooked. Watch Cain and Abel now!