A cake shop in Tokyo that made its name making delicious cakes that looked like delicious ramen and gyoza is at it again. Maplise, in Tokyo, is known for making cakes that look like other foods. One look at these cakes, and you're not going to know what you want to eat.

Talk about your cravings getting confused. You want some cake, but what's put in front of you is a mouthwatering serving of eel over rice. So naturally, now you want the eel, not the cake. Maybe you can have a cake for dessert. So you take a bite out of the eel, but it tastes like cake. Wait a minute! What's happening?

What's happening is you're eating a cake from Maplise, a cake shop in the Shinjuku section of Japan. Starting out with ramen and gyoza cakes, Maplise has now moved on to oden (Japanese winter dish) cakes, katsudon (pork cutlet  over rice) cakes, unadon (eel over rice) cakes, and omurice (rice omelette) cakes. Now, these cakes have nothing to do with the aforementioned dishes besides their appearance. Inside is custard, sponge cake, jello, pudding, etc. All the cakes are sweet, of course, and taste nothing like what they look like, and you also never know what's actually in the cake, so you're constantly being surprised. And remember, these are Japanese bakers, and they take their craft very seriously, so the flavor is just as amazing as the deceiving appearance.

Maplise is planning a new line of cakes for next season and every season after. Stay tuned!

Oden cake!

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Katsudon cake!

Unadon cake!

Omurice cake!