Hi, K-drama lovers! Are you ready for the February 24 premiere episode of new TV drama Come Back, Mister? As you've already read, the storyline involves Kim In Kwon's 40-ish, overworked character dying and returning to earth in Rain's character's sexy 30-ish body. Can you imagine? What if a guy, after meeting his unfortunate demise, had his soul come back in international entertainer Rain's hardworking frame?

Yo, fellas! Here are 10 tips for you if you're ever that lucky.

1.  Check out all your new real estate because it's probably an upgrade. (Just sayin)

2.  Take plenty of selfies because you don't know how long it's gonna last.

3.  Take a moment to thank your lucky stars in the hopes that it does last.

4.  Become an actor and land juicy roles where you can hug all the talented beauties and bulldogs on the set.

5.  Put bodyguards and metal fencing around your house because you're going to need 'em.

6.  Rain is around 6'1", so if you were short during your former life, use this opportunity to tower menacingly over people who used to tower over you. 

7.  Stress kills. Unless you want to be dead again and lose that awesome body, regularly blow off steam and drown your sorrows at your favorite cafés, bars, and late night food stalls. Soju bombs do wonders.

8.  Put your singing voice to work for you too by going on a concert tour. Ka-ching! $$$$

9.  Make a few boss movies while you're at it. Why not? You have a body that can actually withstand 9 Gs without going into G-LOC. Ka-ching! $$$$

10. Last, but certainly not least, sit back and enjoy the ride because, when it comes to body-swapping, I reckon it gets no better than this.

Good luck, and heaven help you! :) 

In other news, 2 official posters for the show have been released, and the Come Back, Mister press conference will take place on February 19 in Seoul. Check out the posters and the show's silly, tearful 4th teaser below. Won't be long now!


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Cover, stills, and posters: SBS

R2B image: CJ E&M Film Division

Video screenshots: Stephe Thornton

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