It has come to our attention that Moon Chae Won has been offered the starring role in a manga-based drama Goodbye Mr. Black. The new drama would be her comeback drama after starring with Joo Won in the Good Doctor in 2013. So what does that have to do with Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho? Let's take a look at a video where Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won stood on stage together and hear their own words.

The manga for Goodbye Mr. Black is actually inspired by the classic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, written by famous French novelist Alexandre Dumas. The plot centers around a young man who was betrayed and unjustly imprisoned and eventually survived to take revenge on his enemies while searching for his long-lost love. 

Just recently in July, Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won accepted the Producers’ Choice award at the 19th Bucheon International Fantastic (BiFan) Film Festival. When they were on stage, Lee said that he would like to do a melodrama with Moon Chae Won, with whom he starred in high school puppy love drama Mackerel Run 6 years ago. He joked that he wasn't very well known back then.

Here's the English-subbed video via Hallyu World:

Did you see that?

When they were asked what kind of drama or movie roles they would like to collaborate in, Moon Chae Won responded first that she would like to play in a "melodrama," and Lee Min Ho agreed. 

I really wish I had a hot line to Lee Min Ho to call attention to this particular drama. I recall that the busy superstar has over 100 scripts to review.

I think Lee Min Ho would be perfect for the leading man role. Besides, he's good at multi-tasking, so he can film the new Bounty Hunters movie while moonlighting in Goodbye Mr. Black. Actually, the schedule might even work if he films the movie first because Goodbye Mr. Black is slated to start in December.

What do you think about Lee Min Ho reuniting with Moon Chae Won in Goodbye Mr. Black?

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