[caption id="attachment_15761" align="alignleft" width="308" caption="Choi Chul Ho"][/caption] The beleaguered drama Bad Guy's streak of bad luck continues as star Kim Nam Gil, who plays the title character, must enter the military on Thursday with only 13 of the planned 20 episodes filmed--and only one more having been written. Kim received an extension  from the government to allow him to accept the role in Bad Guy, but due to scheduling changes and the World Cup schedule, there seems to be no way that the drama can complete with him on screen. Currently, the entire staff is working around the clock to get as many of Kim's scenes on tape before he has to leave, and the future of the drama is uncertain. (Former) Dong Yi star and expert liar Choi Chul Ho apologized to his fans and coworkers as video surfaced of the actor assaulting a woman outside a restaurant after filming a scene from the popular drama. Choi had adamantly denied the attack, saying that if he had done something like that, "the whole world would know." That's before closed-circuit camera footage turned up of the Choi kicking a woman (you can see a news report containing the footage here). Choi also announced that he would drop out of Dong Yi so as not to hurt the drama, and to reflect on his actions. The woman involved has declined to press charges. Kim Bum gave a revealing interview to BNT News in which he says he regrets that ratings for The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry didn't climb to the stratospheric Boys Over Flowers level, his career plans, and who's the only idol who can match him in holding his liquor. Read all about it right here. Filming of Cyrano Dating Agency wrapped recently, and the stars seemed happy and relaxed about their work on the "well-made romantic comedy." Lee Min Jung says just thinking about filming the movie gives him a warm feeling, and he hopes that the emotion comes across for viewers of the film. Kim Hyun Joong continues on his road to Hallyu heaven with plans for a photobook of his trip to Spain to be released in Japan. The 200 page book will include a DVD containing footage of the actor having fun across the country. Ready, Action will be in Japanese bookstores next month. Finally, a special service announcement for all prospective girlfriends of Lee Min Ho: Don't wear a miniskirt--he hates them!