We have new information about the mysterious leading man who is slated to star in Taiwan's version of Descendants of the Sun. Can he beat Song Joong Ki's "Big Boss" Captain Yoo Shi Jin? It turns out this Taiwanese hunk has quite a lot going for him. Take a look!

Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo, has not only been a smash hit everywhere, it has also been credited in raising positive image for the Korean military forces. The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan (officially Republic of China) has confirmed that it wants to produce a similar drama to inspire and boost morale with the same uplifting and inspirational message. 

When the news first came out, the first critics were from Taiwan's own populace. There was a lot of doubt that the budget would be sufficient to produce a drama near the scale and quality of the Korean hit drama. However, the Ministry of National Defense has been unwavering in its determination to proceed with the 16-episode project, already titled The Best Choice.

Paltry budget aside, who can match the charismatic leading man Song Joong Ki to star in a military-themed romantic drama?

It now appears that Taiwan has a secret weapon in a real-life military hunk who is "trained in special forces and has six packs," as promised by the military spokesperson when the new drama was announced.

Meng Ting is 185 cm (about 6'1") in height, and yes, he does have 6 packs! 

And he looks quite handsome!

He graduated from Taipei University of the Arts with a degree in dance and with a body well-tuned by 6 to 8 hours of daily training. His father serves in the air force and his mother is a dance teacher. He wanted to join the air force but could not qualify based on the vision test. He now serves as a Platoon Leader, Second Lieutenant in the army. (Meng is the family surname.) 

Take a look at his nimble maneuvering when he served as a Corporal in the renowned Honor Guard in the ROC Army, in 2015:

Although he is a military man, he says he is also a passionate performer. 

Taiwanese media has been completely won over by him. An excited and enthusiastic report compares him very favorably against Song Joong Ki:

Meng Ting originally entered the military for his required service and has volunteered to continue his service. He posted about his no-nonsense views here:

"To obey is a military man's nature! When you're assigned a mission, you'll achieve it unconditionally! Even if we're still on vacation, the weather is really bad, or there are still things to do at home, we will return to our posts without hesitation and fulfill our duty..."The mission is the priority!" I'm sharing how I feel to pay tribute to all the soldiers of our country. And, to all their family, partners, lovers: Thank you for your hard work. Without your full support, we would not be able to serve without a second thought."

The Best Choice is slated to start filming in mid-April, under the direction of award-winning director Liang Hsiu-shen.

Best wishes to Meng Ting and his new drama!

In the meantime, here is the original smash hit starring Song Joong KiSong Hye GyoKim Ji Won, and Jin Goo:


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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Of course there are still many open questions, such as, who will play the leading lady?

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