Answer Me 1988 has already made it to 1989 in its timeline, but longtime fans of the Answer Me series are waiting to see what happens when the show officially enters the '90s. Some drama insiders weighed in on the possibility of some Answer Me 1994 cameos. What did they say?

One industry insider stated that viewers could definitely expect the timeline to reach 1994 by episode 15. A tvN representative responded to the rumor with this statement: "Because of possible spoilers to the story, we won't be able to confirm anything anymore. Please find out by watching."

The response from tvN is vague, as expected, but the chances are pretty high that we'll see some crossover. For one thing, both of the previous Answer Me shows spanned at least six years in their main storylines. 

Answer Me 1994 took full advantage of cameos from the Answer Me 1997 cast, with Trash Oppa heading to Busan in 1997 and crossing paths with the teens. There was also the awesome scene where 1994 Sung Dong Il met 1997 Sung Dong Il. Can you imagine if all three Sung Don Ils had a meeting this time? Or is it perpetual mother Lee Il Hwa's turn?

Back before Answer Me 1988 premiered, Answer Me 1994 stars Go Ara and Jung Woo made a surprise visit to the set. I would love to see a cameo from the pair! Check out the video from their visit below:

Would you like to see in a 1994 crossover cameo? Personally, I think a meeting between the 20-year-old Kim Sung Kyun of Answer Me 1994 and his much older father character in 1988 could be comedic gold, though I would never say no to seeing more of Chilbongie on my screen, either. Share your cameo wishes in the comments!

I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens, but in the meantime, you can check out the latest episode of Answer Me 1988 below: