Did you know there are eight secrets embedded in the logo of new romance drama It's Okay, That's Love? Take a look at the calligraphy composed by famous calligrapher, Jun Eun Sun. Make your guess, and read on for the answer.

Answer: There are 8 hearts incorporated into the logo design.

Calligrapher Jun Eun Sun designed the logo for It's Okay, That's Love, and she explained, "I incorporated one large heart around the title, and seven smaller hearts in the words themselves. Especially for the last ‘ya’ symbol, after discussing it with the director, I raised the stroke, with the intention of giving the drama a ‘rising’ vibe/energy.”

Stylish calligraphy has become popular for drama logos. Jun Eun Sun said, “It hasn’t been that long since hand-written calligraphy has been used for dramas and other works. Nowadays, use of calligraphy in dramas, movies, and books has spread, and it’s being used to give that first impression of a work, whether it is a revenge story, a romantic comedy, or something else.”

Her work has been featured on other dramas, such as That Winter The Wind Blows and Padam Padam.

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