Eyes are an important feature that determine the overall impression of your whole face. They can even affect the impression someone has of your personality. Last time, the featured Star Quiz was about K-Idol’s lips. This time, the name of the game is "Guess the K-Idol’s Names After Seeing Their Eyes Only," using stars featured on the list “20 K-pop Girls and Boys Who Have Attractive Eyes.”

The way to play this game is easy. First, you see a K-pop star's picture, but the picture only shows you their eyes clearly. Next, you read hints about each eye. You guess whose eyes they are and which group they are from. Lastly, you just appreciate the charming eyes! It isn't hard to guess if you are a real fan of K-pop. Scroll slowly!

Each photo features two K-Idols who have similar features to their eyes. If you get all the points, you are a real Idol collector! Let’s start with girls. Ready, Set, Go!

Haughty Cat Eyes

Left : Big, sharp eyes. She has cat eyes for sure. Dance sports are her hobby. Her haughty and intense eye beam is impressive when she is dancing.

Right : Her distinctive way of speaking is attractive. She can speak in fluent English. Recently, she played an immature and lovely girl in a popular Korean drama.

Answer : Fay from Miss A, Krystal from F(x)

☞ Limpid Eyes

Left : She is famous for training her beaming eyes on fans. Her trademark is intense eye contact while she stares. We cannot escape from her eyes once we fall in. That’s why she hogs the limelight.

Right : No matter how angry you are, all anger seem to disappear in her eyes. She has big eyes and limpid pupils. She is called ‘Standing upright dear’ in Korea by her fans.

Answer : Suzy from Miss A, Yoon Ah from Girl's Generation

☞ Smiling Eyes that make people fall into them

Left : When smiling with one’s eyes is mentioned, her smile comes to mind. She has been gathering lots of fans with her smiling eyes. It’s been seven years since her debut, but her beautiful smile doesn't change at all.

Right : Every Sunday morning, we watched her in the TV show Animal Farm. She was loved because of her smiling eyes that have a lot of Ae-gyo, along with her great hosting ability. She also boasts of her huge appetite.

Answer : Tiffany from Girl's Generation, Han Seung Yeon from Kara

☞ Sexy Eyes

Left : She is the sexiest idol in Korea. Sexiness is flowing out from her eyes. Whatever she wears, the clothes run out of stock. Even a blanket which was sold in one of the Korean supermarkets sold out.

Right : She calls herself a goddess. She is confident and loves herself a lot. Her features give her an exotic appearance, especially her sexy eyes with their mysterious charm.

Answer : Hyun Ah from 4 Minutes, Park Gyu Ri from Kara

Charming Asian Eye without Double Eyelid

Left : She is representative of a healthy and beautiful Asian beauty with long and wide eyes that don’t have double eyelids. She has fantastic, beautiful legs with robust thighs, slender ankles and bronzed skins.

Right : No one has more charisma than her. She usually puts on heavy makeup. She has many connections in the entertainment world, and her connection with foreign celebrities is especially amazing.

Answer : Bora from Sistar, CL from 2NE1

The K-Girl group quiz is over and the next quiz is about K-Boy bands. Their beautiful eyes are as impressive as any girl's. We collected all the eyes that make you lovesick. Keep your pace to get 100%. Let’s start.

Eyes that you seem to fall into

Left : He has eyes burning with passion. He is also a soccer lover. He was lucky to play a game with the soccer player Park Ji Sung last summer. His eyes become more limpid when he is chasing a soccer ball. Who has these eyes?

Right : His eyes are always shiny How could he sing a song about a wolf with these soft eyes? He is an easy man who immediately opens his wallet when younger members show him their Ae-gyo. Who is he?

Answer : Min Ho from SHINee, Ruhan from EXO

☞ Charming Half-Moon Eye without Double Eyelids

Left : Does he seem to have less energy because of his little eyes? Never! A fighting spirit is always flowing from him. His whimsical charm makes him a regular guest on K-entertainment shows. His sloppy side, such as the fact that he often forgets the password of his Twitter, is also his charm.

Right : He recently went to Borneo in Brazil to shoot the K-variety show Rules of the Jungle. It was a tough schedule, but he didn’t lose his smiling eyes. It is said that he did well in the jungle as befitted his nickname "god of catching."

Answer : Sung Gyu from Infinite, Onew from SHINee

☞ Lovely Puppy Eyes

Left : He is full of go. He gently reminded a reporter that his nickname was bow-wow. He always fixes his gaze on his fans. Who is he that insists that fans are his girlfriends?

Right : He lives with a Chihuahua named Yang Gang. His eyes resemble Yang Gang’s eyes. He boasts of a powerful singing ability in contrast with his cute appearance. In addition, he likes chicken foot.

Answer : Woo Hyun from Infinite, Yo Sub from Beast

☞ Haughty and Sharp Cat Eyes

Left: He fascinated 6 million viewers in the K-film Miss Granny. Noonas' hearts melt down from his coy eyes. He also has the ability to write songs, and there are over 100 melodies that he has written.

Right : He is famous as a Muggle King (a member that shepherds people into their group's fandom). He has cats eyes but he is afraid of cats because he was attacked by a cat when he was little.

Answer : Jin Young from B1A4, Xiumin from EXO

☞ Eyes that doesn't need mascara

Left : He plays lively with his eyelashes waving. He recently boasted of his singing ability by releasing a ballad album. At this point, you can guess who he is.

Right : We feel the dignity of a ten-year idol from his eyes. Be thankful to his parents who gave him national treasure-like eyelashes~♪. He has been called ‘singing-doll, sports-doll and acting-doll.’

Answer : Chen from EXO, Chang Min from TVXQ

Wasn't it more difficult than guessing the 20 K-Idols by their lips? I missed many of the girls' eyes because of their makeup. How many did you get? Who did you miss?