When we see K-pop stars singing songs, our eyes naturally concentrate on their lips near the microphone. If you're truly a K-pop follower, you should be able to get a perfect score on the Korean Dispatch quiz, “Whose lips are these? K-pop Idols in stages." If you can clear all 5 stages for male and female stars, you are a real K-pop Idol fan.

These lips are from the list "20 K-pop Girls and Boys Who Have Attractive Lips." The way to play this quiz is easy. First, you see K-pop stars’ pictures, but the pictures only show you their lips clearly. Next, you read hints about each lips. You guess whose lips they are and which group they are from. Lastly, you just appreciate the charming lips! It isn't hard to guess if you are a real fan of K-pop. Scroll slowly!

1. First Stage (★☆☆☆☆)

Left : Pouting her lips is her habit. She is the oldest member of her group, but she is also famous as the cutest member of the group. She steals men's hearts with her little body and baby face.

Right : She is representative of K-pop stars who have full lips. She has various charms, sometimes sexiness, sometimes adorableness. Her most charming point is the lifted corner of her mouth.

Answer : Tae Yeon and Sunny from Girl's Generation

2. Second Stage (★★☆☆☆)

Left : She is sexy, but when she takes off her makeup she become the purest star. Red lips are her trade mark.

Right : She is very interested in fashion. She boasts about her fashion sense. Her lip color is always changing. She tries to put every different colors on her small lips.

Answer : Hyun An and Hu Ga Yoon from 4 minutes.

3. Third Stage (★★★☆☆)

Left : A broad laugh is her charming point. Her lips are suitable for her bright features. Her lips look as if she is always smiling attractively.

Right : She has an attractive voice. Her cute face makes many men fall in love her. She usually uses red or orange colored lipsticks. Many beauty bloggers are interested in her makeup.

Answer : Suzy from Miss A, IU

4. Fourth Stage (★★★★☆)

Left : Her face is small but there are big eyes, a nose, and a mouth all in that small space. Her full lips are especially attractive. For this reason, she was chosen as a model for a famous brand's lipstick.

Right : Her lips are the standard of pretty lips. Her upper lip has a clean line, and her lips are of moderate thickness. When she closes her mouth, the corner of her lips are naturally lifted. That is her lips' charming point.

Answer : Victoria from F(x), Goo Ha Ra from Kara

5. Fifth Stage (★★★★★)

Left : She is cheerful and whimsical. She is the No.1 K-pop artist who has a baby face in Korea. Actually, she wants to have thicker lips but she is perfect now. Isn't she?

Right : She has a baby face and shiny lips. Her white and clear skin is fit for every color of lipstick.

Answer : Sandara Park from 2NE1, Da Som from Sistar

The girl group quiz is done. How many points did you get? It wasn't as easy because the lipstick color hides their lips.

Here we go with the easy stage of the boy group quiz:

1. First Stage (★☆☆☆☆)

Left : He has a habit where he rounds his lips when he is photographed. The lyrics of his part on a new song are "your eyes, nose and lips..." He caught women's hearts with a dance where he touched his lips.

Right : His lips have a great sense of existence. They boast of matchless thickness among K-boy bands. If you type his name on Korean portal sites, it comes up with 'boy with thick lips' as his related search. Can you guess?

Answer : Baro from B1A4, Niel from TeenTop

2. Second Stage (★★☆☆☆)

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.

Left : He is a bright man who has handsome lips. But he is too bright. He keeps moving his mouth even when we are trying to appreciate his lips. Anyway, his lips are attractive.

Right : Do you remember the lips that kept moving in archery during Idol Star Olympics? His lips show how much he likes eating food. No.1 of Muk Bang among Korean Idols, do you know him?

Answer : Dong Woo from Infinite, Seung Ho from MBLAQ

3. Third Stage (★★★☆☆)

Left : His charm is quite the reverse. He has pink lips and also perfect abs. He uses twitter as a Meteorological Agency to let his fans know the weather. Who is he?

Right : He is always mentioned when it comes to lips. He has ruddy lips. He is so handsome, and seems to come out of Comic books.

Answer : Ki Gwang from Beast, Chang Min from TVXQ

4. Forth Stage (★★★★☆)

Left : Have you seen these kind of lips? He rounds his lips just a little bit. His lips have a heart shape, so he is nicknamed is 'Heart OO' by his fans.

Right : He was born with '3' shaped lips. A '3' reminds us of a cat's mouth. A man who surprised us with a lip piercing in his MV. Who is he?

Answer : D.O from EXO, GD from BigBang

5. Fifth Stage (★★★★★)

Left : Just look at his lips, so attractive. Full, most and pink toned lips. Have you figured out his lips yet? That's why this quiz is on its fifth stage.

Right : "Where can I get that strawberry-milk-colored lip balm?", "His lips are natural." He has been active as a model for Korean cosmetics for three years. The person who has these gorgeous lips is...

Answer : Mark from GOT7, Tae Min From SHINee

How many points did you get? These K-pop artists are so famous and popular that you may have earned 100% of the points. I missed 6 people. It takes a lot to become a true Idol fan!