It is graduation season. Did you get enough graduation photos and share them on your social networks? See some photos of Chinese stars when they graduated. Can you identify them?

1. Liu Yifei

Yifei graduated from the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy in 2006. Liu received offers to star in various television series. She was Rain's co-star in For Love Or Money and was also in White Vengeance with Feng Shaofeng.

2. Liu Shishi (Cecilia Liu)

Cecilia has been trained in ballet at the Beijing Dance Academy. In 2011, she hit the jackpot with two successful dramas, The Vigilantes In Masks and Scarlet Heart. And she is with her Scarlet Heart costar Nicky Wu now. If you want to watch more Cecilia, follow her recent drama Sound of The Desert.

3. Yang MiYuan Shanshan (Mabel Yuan)

Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan (Mabel Yuan) both attended Beijing Film Academy's Performance Institute. Yang Mi got famous due to her performance in Palace, and Mabel Yuan played a supporting role in that drama as well. But Mabel soon became the leading actress for Palace II and Beauties of the Emperor. Can you find those two beauties in their graduation photos?

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