What started out as a joke is no longer funny. A few years ago, two Canadians first sold a plastic bag full of air on eBay for 75 cents, but now the same guys own a successful startup that sells aluminum cans filled with real Rocky Mountain air, and wealthy Chinese folks that just want to breathe some fresh air are paying good money for this new luxurious oxygen.

Vitality Air founder Moses Lam and his partner Troy Paquette got the idea to sell fresh air when the second plastic bag of air they ever sold went for 160 dollars on eBay. Realizing that there actually people in the world willing to pay for air, they created their startup two months ago. In the first four days, Vitality Air shipped out 500 bottles of pure Banff national Park air from the Canadian Rockies, despite the price of 100 yuan (15.45 dollars) for a 7.7 liter can. To put that in perspective, that's how much it costs for 50 bottles of mineral water in China!

Vitality Air has already produced 4000 more cans of air, but they are all on their way to China, already purchased by the wealthy in northeastern and southern China, where the air is especially polluted. The company will of course sell their cans to anybody, anywhere in the world, but for now, pretty much all its business is done in China. Moses, the founder of Vitality Air, believes that one day air cans will be the norm, just like bottled water is today. For the sake of all Chinese people, and the world, let's hope that's not the case.

"Enhancing Vitality — One Breath At A Time"

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