In her first interview since coming out on Saturday, Hong Kong singer Denise Ho evaded questions about pop star and close friend Joey Yung's sexual orientation. Netizens have been wondering if Joey Yung, previously linked to the androgynous Densise Ho, is bisexual as she is now dating singer Wilfred Lau. When asked about long time pal Joey Yung, Ho said: "Hard to answer. I can't answer that. How to?" She added: "A day will come when questions on sexual inclinations are not treated like exotic animals." At a time when Denise's sexuality was ambiguous, she had said, "In this era, we shouldn't consider one's sexual orientation. Some people became homosexual, after trying marriage." She also refused to confirm reports about her relationship with Taiwanese model Deng Jiuyun, and Taiwan singers Jozie Lu and Waa Wei. "I'm living with three cats," she said. On Tuesday, Yung, avoided the media waiting at the airport by returning to Hong Kong by road from Shenzhen after flying there from Tokyo. When Ho outed herself on Saturday, the couple had gone on vacation to South Korea and Japan. Ho neither denied nor admitted to rumours of Lau courting her as she already knew she was gay before she stepped into show business. Rumours of Joey and Denise are still lie unanswered, and it seems it will remain a mystery till either one confirm the truth of falsity behind the years of speculation and the true nature of their decade long friendship.