Well how smarmy does Shin Hyun Joong look or what? Hope you've been watching new episodes of Oohlala Couple as he and Kim Jung Eun battle their wits after they switch bodies and show just what exactly it takes to be a housewife or a husband. But here's the winner of this past week's caption contest: congratulations CS!


Caption Me!

And now - from our latest drama, The Great Seer! How fitting that it airs on Wednesdays/Thursdays, following Faith, and both have to do with King Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty. While Faith depicts the king just as he ascends the throne, The Great Seer depicts the end of his reign, as he struggles to regain independence from Yuan Dynasty, and must battle Lee Seong Gye, the first king of the Joseon Dynasty. Both Faith and The Great Seer have mystical elements associated with it in very different ways; Faith has protagonists and antagonists with supernatural powers to fight each other (think X-men like) while The Great Seer has protagonists who can see the future and affect the outcomes. But enough plot - here's the new caption contest! The Great Seer week 74 caption contest The winner will be announced on October 20!