This may not be for all, but for the select few of you who love ramen AND love doughnuts, you're gonna be drooling by the time you're done reading this.

Osaka Oushou, a famous ramen and gyoza franchise in Japan, recently made the news on two different occasions, a good news/bad news situation. I will give you the bad news first. Known for their cheap and delicious gyoza, they announced that they would be raising their gyoza prices by 20 yen, or roughly 20 cents, disappointing hoards of gyoza lovers in the process. This is 20 yen per dish, not gyoza. They've kept the same price for years, so it's kind of a big deal. Reasons given by Oushou are rising costs for ingredients, which is understandable. Millions of gyoza eaters paying 20 yen more each adds up to a whole lot of yen.

Now here's the good news. As if to apologize for this move, Oushou created an original dessert, and the announcement caused quite a stir. The famed gyoza restaurant made their own doughnuts, generously stuffed with their signature ramen noodles. That's right, the ramen doughnut, brought to you by Oushou. Definitely not for the health conscious, but neither are ramen or doughnuts. Your tummy may not appreciate a ramen doughnut for dessert after some beer, gyoza, and a bowl of ramen, but your taste buds sure will.

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