A successful K-drama is a guaranteed ticket to an all-expenses paid vacation to an island resort for the cast and crew. So of course, all those involved in the production of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are packing their bags as we speak, as they get ready to go relax and celebrate for a few days with their fellow team members who made it all happen.

It must be nice to have an employer who rewards hard work with free trips to resort islands, on top of all the money they pay you to actually do your job! Having broken ratings record after ratings record, the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are definitely more than deserving of a nice vacation. For the crew, it's a nice way to get acknowledged for all the hours and dedication; for the stars, it's an opportunity to mingle with those who they might not have had the chance to hang out with on set, and to also get away from their crazy celebrity lives back home. And for diehard fans, the potential for something scandalous to happen, co-stars possibly falling in love with each other while being on a romantic island after working together on a show . . . it's just too much!

But a few times in the past, because of the crazy schedules celebrities have, the actual stars of the dramas have not been able to make the trips. This happened most recently with the main cast of Goblinthey were all just too busy and couldn't participate. The party went on without them, but it's just not the same when the actors and actresses have to cancel. They are the main attractions, after all. But all is good for upcoming trip to Bali for the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Come April 20th, everyone's going to be on board, ready to take off from Incheon International Airport for a flight  to Indonesia for a very well-deserved few days of partying, rest, and relaxation. 


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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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