David Lee is the latest confirmed cast member for the upcoming series Who Are You — School 2015. He joins the already-confirmed Kim So Hyun, who is taking her first leading role in the series.

David Lee, whose last role was in 2012 in Gu Family Book, will play Park Min Joon, an honor student at Segang High School. He was born to study, and his peers call him the "Study Robot." He will play a rival to Kim So Hyun's character Eun Byul.

In School 2015, Kim So Hyun plays dual roles as identical girls: one who is the queen of the school until her disappearance, and the other, a transfer student who takes her place in the school hierarchy.

The rest of the casting is still in progress. Nam Joo Hyuk, best known as "Big" in Surplus Princess, is up for a leading role playing the most popular boy in school. In case you missed him in Surplus Princess, he's also the guy in all of those Akdong Musician music videos:

School 2015 is set to air after Blood concludes in April. What do you think of these casting choices? Are you excited? You can also see Kim So Hyun in the new series Sensory Couple when it premieres this week on DramaFever! To see David Lee's earlier work, check out Gu Family Book: