It has been confirmed that Ahn Sohee will star in tvN's new romantic comedy Heart to Heart, which is due to air in January. Sohee rose to fame as part of the Wonder Girls, one of JYP Entertainment's most successful girl groups. This will be Sohee's first project after leaving the Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment in December 2013. She is now with BH Entertainment and intends to focus on her acting career under her new management.

According to BH Entertainment, "We had a good talk about her appearance in the drama with tvN's side and are currently in the final stages of the adjustments." Sohee will be playing the younger sister of the male lead, who as of now, has not been determined. The drama is about a woman who blushes uncontrollably, disguises herself as a grandmother, and ends up in a psychiatric ward. Choi Kang Hee has been offered the role of this blushing woman, but has yet to accept.

Heart to Heart will be directed by Coffee Prince director Lee Yoon Jung.

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Is anyone else excited to see Sohee again? This role is supposed to be different from anything Sohee has ever done, so it should be interesting! 

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