Fresh off of Fated to Love YouJang Hyuk is considering the leading role in MBC's upcoming fusion historical drama Shine or Go Crazy. Oh Yeon Seo, who just barely finished work on Jang Bori Is Here!, is in talks for the female lead.

If Jang Hyuk confirms his involvement, he will play the fictional role of Goryeo-era prince Wang So, the heir to the throne who also happens to be a secret agent. The forceful and decisive Wang So is plagued by a prophecy that he will cover all of Goryeo in blood. 

Oh Yeon Seo would take the role of Shin Yool, the last princess of the Balhae Kingdom (which fell in 926 A.D.). She is a wise and strong woman who is good at astronomy, geography and strategy. She is fated to bring brightness to Wang So, and she falls in love with him as part of their shared destiny. The writer for this series will be Hyun Go Un, and the director will be Son Hyung Suk (Two WeeksPersonal Taste).

Watch Jang Hyuk's latest drama, Fated to Love You:

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Shine or Go Crazy will premiere in January after the end of Pride and Prejudice.

What do you think of these casting choices? The plot definitely sounds intriguing! Comment below!