We already know that Shin Ha Kyun will play the lead role of a grandpa who ages in reverse in the upcoming drama Mr. Baek. We now have confirmation that Jang Na Ra has accepted the role of the female lead, and MBLAQ's Lee Joon will play Shin Ha Kyun's son.

Jang Na Ra is fresh off of her starring role in Fated to Love You, so fans of the series won't have to wait long to see her again! She will play a hardworking woman who learns the value of youth as she falls in love with Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun). Considering that Shin Ha Kyun plays a 70-year-old man who suddenly turns 30 again, we can probably assume that the whole reverse-aging thing will be a major obstacle to their love.

This sounds like a solid pairing. I mean, just imagine them gazing into each other's eyes:

I'm sold.

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Lee Joon (Gap DongIris 2) will play Choi Go Bong's son Choi Dae Han, a wealthy heir who takes everything for granted. Will he be a spoiled villain who creates problems, or will we get heartwarming daddy-son redemption time as they frolic together as spry young men? One can only hope that they don't fall in love with the same woman because that would be kind of gross and weird, but only time will tell!

Are you excited for this pairing? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Mr. Baek premieres on DramaFever on November 5. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE.