Sad news, Kim Woo Bin fans. After taking several weeks to consider a casting offer for the upcoming Hong Sisters drama, the actor has officially declined due to scheduling conflicts.

Kim Woo Bin's agency, Sidius HQ, confirmed that the actor would not be taking the role because pre-existing commitments wouldn't allow him to prepare adequately. 

In other news, the title for the drama has changed from Jeju Island Gatsby to Warm and Cozy, a title that uses the Jeju dialect. I guess that's less confusing if the plot wasn't a literal adaptation of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, but I have to admit that Jeju Island Gatsby had an intriguing flair to it.

As far as the cast goes, Kang So Ra is still in talks for the female lead, and Uhm Ki Joon has an offer for some sort of leading role (though not the same role Kim Woo bin was considering, so it's probably a second lead). Warm and Cozy will premiere in May on MBC.

What do you think of this casting update? Are you disappointed that Kim Woo Bin won't be teaming up with the Hong Sisters this time around? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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