After four years of cable dramas, Lee Jin Wook is considering his return to broadcast television with the upcoming KBS drama Hello Monster.

If Lee accepts the role, he would play a talented criminal profiler who leads a special team after working as a consultant for the NYPD. He falls in love with a woman who stalks him, though they both try to hide their feelings. It is set to be a romantic thriller, which is great news, considering how well KBS's last romantic thriller, Healer, turned out!

The last time Lee Jin Wook accepted a role from a major broadcast station was 2011's Spy Myung Wol, also on KBS. Since then, he has starred in three cable dramas: I Need Romance 2012Nine, and Three Musketeers. Although it was first reported that he had accepted this new role, his agency clarified that he is positively considering it, but he hasn't made a final decision yet.

Hello Monster will be written by Kwon Ki Young, who also wrote All About My Romance and Protect the Boss, and it will be produced by Noh Sang Hoon, who worked on Queen of Office. The series is currently planned for April, following the conclusion of Blood.

What do you think of this news? Who would you like to see as Lee Jin Wook's stalker? If you haven't seen the stellar Lee Jin Wook in Nine, I highly recommend it:

Source: ViaVia