It's like the K-drama casting gods are reading my mind or something. Lee Joon Ki is currently in talks for MBC's upcoming historical vampire fantasy Scholar Who Walks the Night, possibly opposite Han Groo, who is also considering a casting offer.

The actor is currently in the "considering" phase, which is generally a step away from the "positively considering" phase, so it's too early to get overly excited (but also too late, because once you suggest Lee Joon Ki, you cannot simply un-suggest him). Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin were both in very early talks for this role, but neither one of them accepted, so hopefully this one sticks. 

If Lee Joon Ki takes the part, he would play the titular vampire scholar. Han Groo's character would be a young aristocrat's daughter who has to disguise herself as a man and sell books after her family falls out of favor. She falls for the mysterious scholar.

Now, I'm just as tired as the next person of the sudden influx of vampire dramas, but if Lee Joon Ki signs on, that changes everything. Lest we forget, this guy is Mr. Hanbok Smolder McSexypants himself:

Add the vibrant Han Groo to the mix, and it's extra exciting! I didn't know this casting pair needed to happen until the offers came out, but now it really, really needs to happen. Please, K-drama casting gods, pull through for us!

Scholar Who Walks the Night is set to air on MBC in July. What do you think of this possible casting combo? Are you excited, or would you prefer a different pairing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

You can see Lee Joon Ki in all of his historical glory on Joseon Gunman: