Actor Lee Seung Gi is very close to playing a man with 7 personalities in the upcoming drama series Kill Me, Heal Me. Casting has been underway for a while, and there was even tentative talk about Hyun Bin, who eventually went for Jekyll and I. Now, we just need the parties involved to sign, seal, and deliver.

A representative for Lee Seung Gi's agency, Hook Entertainment, announced on November 18, “We are in the final stage of negotiations about Lee Seung Gi’s possible appearance in Kill Me, Heal Me." 

According to preliminary synopsis, the story is about a third-generation chaebol heir who has 7 distinct personalities due to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) He will also have a romance with his doctor. But which personality will be the one to fall in love, and will the other 6 personalities go along when they go on a date?

Obviously, it takes a seasoned actor to meet the challenge of playing all 7 personalities within one physical body. Lee Seung Gi fits the bill because he has played a variety of roles from modern times to historical eras, and even a Korean king in the 21st century. He is also a great singer who rose to fame with his romantic songs. Did I also mention he is cute with a great smile?

The drama series is going to be jointly produced by Zhejian Huace Film & TV, a leading entertainment enterprise in China, and Pan Entertainment of South Korea, the company that produced many blockbusters, including The Moon That Embraces The Sun. The writer for The Moon That Embraces The Sun is also the writer for Kill Me, Heal Me.

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I'm sure fans will be delighted to see Lee Seung Gi, all 7 of him, in Kill Me, Heal Me. Of course, I'm also wondering how in the world I didn't include him in the list of top 10 possible choices. Never mind. I'm sure he'll be perfect in the multiple roles.

(photos: epahstory.blogspot)