Byun Yo Han must be quite the catch! In addition to the already-confirmed Song Ji HyoLee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, and former T-ara member Ryu Hwa Young have all signed on to play Byun's exes in the upcoming tvN series Ex-Girlfriends Club.

Ex-Girlfriends Club is about webtoon artist Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han) who writes a webtoon about his four ex-girlfriends. In the kind of awkward coincidence that K-dramas love, once the series is picked up for a movie adaptation, he discovers that the producer assigned to the film is none other than one of his ex-girlfriends (Song Ji Hyo)!

Joining the fray are all of Bang Myung Soo's other exes. Lee Yoon Ji will play a successful business woman who works at an investment company. She isn't afraid to chase after the things that she wants, though her confident public exterior hides a bumbling side in her private life.

Jang Ji Eun (Tree with Deep Roots) will be Myung Soo's noona first love. She married young in an arranged marriage into a wealthy family, but the marriage ended in divorce. She always has a cool and detached presence.

Hwa Young plays the final ex, an actress who has a pretty face and a sexy body, but little brains or talent. This is her first role in a drama, following her recent role in Lee Seung Gi's movie Love Forecast and the TV movie Mother's Choice.

This lineup isn't as varied as my dream cast suggestions, but it still looks pretty good! I adore Lee Yoon Ji and would watch her in just about anything, though I am a little sad that she will be a supporting character instead of the leading role she deserves. What do you think of these choices? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ex-Girlfriends Club comes from the PD behind Miss Korea and Pasta, and it is set to premiere in May after the conclusion of Super Daddy Yeol. 

To enjoy the magnificence that is Lee Yoon Ji, you can see her in King 2 Hearts: