Park Shin Hye has officially accepted the lead role in the upcoming drama Pinocchio. Her male costar has not been cast yet, though Lee Jong Suk is still in talks for the role.

Park Shin Hye will play a young reporter who suffers from "Pinocchio syndrome," where her body won't allow her to tell a lie. Each time she lies, she hiccups. The drama will follow her and a group of other rookie reporters on the job. Now that the series details are out, Park Shin Hye does sound like a great fit for the role. The series writer reportedly envisioned the role of the innocent reporter who can't lie with Park Shin Hye in mind.

The series Pinocchio will be created by the same writer-director team behind the hit series I Hear Your Voice, so if Lee Jong Suk joins the cast, it will be a happy little I Hear Your Voice reunion!

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What do you think of the casting? Who would you like to see as Park Shin Hye's male costar? Comment below!

Pinocchio will air on November 12 after the end of My Lovable Girl. You can sing up for new episode alerts HERE.