MBC's upcoming drama Sweden Laundry has cast some of its lead actors, including Song Ha Yoon, Kim Ian, Teen Top's Chanjo, and Oh Sang Jin.

This series will be a comedic fantasy romance that revolves around Kim Bom (Song Ha Yoon), a young laundromat owner can read people's minds through their clothes. She uses this unusual ability to resolve problems for the people around her. 

Kim Ian will play Park Ki Joon, a well-to-do dentist known for having all of the qualities of the perfect guy, though he does have a whimsical side. You may recognize Kim from his roles in To the Beautiful You or the music video for the Girls' Generation song "I Got a Boy." He has also held roles in the movies Pirates and Fashion King.

Rounding out the love triangle will be Teen Top's Changjo in his drama debut. His character Yoo Soo Chul is a hardworking young man who makes a lot of mistakes as he tries to achieve his dreams.  

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The final cast member is Oh Sang Jin (the detective older brother in My Love from Another Star), who will play Kim Bom's older brother Kim Eun Chul. Eun Chul is a genius who already passed the foreign service and civil service exams, and he enjoys boasting about his accomplishments.

As you can imagine, the indie Korean group Sweden Laundry will be involved in the series with the OST.

In all of the superpowers out there, I don't know that I've ever heard of reading minds through dirty laundry! What do you think of this young cast and interesting setup? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sweden Laundry will premiere at the end of November.