If you've ever paired the adorable Suzy with the handsome Park Yoo Chun in your head, then your dreams may be about to come true. Both actors have reportedly been offered roles in an upcoming drama based off of a webtoon, The Girl Who Sees Smells.

The adaptation is being written by the writer of Rooftop Prince and is about a woman (possibly played by Suzy) who loses her memory and develops heightened senses, including the ability to see smells, after being the victim of a violent crime. Park Yoo Chun may play the man who becomes a cop after losing his little sister to the same incident, The Barcode Murder Case.

The premise is certainly new and different, and I'm intrigued to see what the heroine does with the strange ability to see smells. The Girl Who Sees Smells is slated to follow Hyde, Jekyll, and I on SBS in April.

Are you looking forward to seeing Yoochun and Suzy work together? What do you think of the unusual premise? Comment below! While we wait to see if they accept these roles, you can watch Yoochun in his most recent role on the drama Three Days: