Dry skin is a problem for a lot of people. The lack of moisture in the air can affect certain people by making their skin dry, causing itchiness and discomfort, and even cosmetic problems for people who care about keeping up their appearance. A special mask in Japan will keep your skin moist while you sleep like a cat.

All you do is put this mask over your face before you sleep at night, and you will wake up with fresh, moist skin. The mask, which looks like a cat, will not only keep dry air out, but it is made to keep moisture inside, therefore constantly rejuvenating your skin. And, because it looks like a cat, you will no doubt sleep like one, which will give you the added benefit of getting plenty of beauty sleep to go along with your nocturnal moisturizing process. It's made in a material that allows circulation for maximum comfort, all the while blocking any light from getting in as well. I fortunately don't have a problem with dry skin, but I want this cat mask anyway!

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The mask is a bit pricey, going for 3500 yen, or about 35 dollars. It comes in six different breeds.