Cats seem to be trending in Japan right now, or maybe I'm just noticing for the first time how much Japanese people love cats. They love them so much that a company created a compact cat toy and then added something else that the Japanese love just as much. Let me introduce you to the compact cat sushi placement toy and keychain.

Cat sushi! Somehow, these cats resting on sushi rice look perfectly comfortable and oddly normal. These ten different types of cats all have the most realistic expressions on their faces as they chill on rice, looking like they'd rather be there than anywhere else. The toys are already catching on, available from toy vending machines called gacha gacha and also online for just 400 yen, or about four dollars. The quality of the toys is very high for such a low price, surprising collectors of gacha gacha toys all over Japan. And with this high quality, Japanese cat lovers who just happen to love sushi too are making sure to get their hands on these cute little toys.

These cat sushis aren't cats, and they're not sushi either. A totally new type of creature, the cat sushi, ready to be hanging on your set of keys.

Cat sushi set

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Look so real!