Hi DramaFever Movie Fans! This week's DF Saturday movie is the moving Hot Young Bloods, starring Lee Jong SukPark Bo Young and Lee Se Young. Set in the '80s, this coming of age story is equal parts charming, hilarious, and sad. This week, we are offering special access to the movie early for those who upgrade their accounts to Premium. Lucky for you, DramaFever Premium accounts are now half off. 

In celebration of DramaFever's 5-Year Anniversary, we are offering a 50% discount if you sign up for DramaFever Premium now. And as a thank you, we are offering you early access to Hot Young Bloods starting today. You and all of the other DF Premium members will be able to enjoy this film early.

Hot Young Bloods covers a brief time period in the 1980s when South Korea eliminated uniforms for middle and high schoolers, resulting in outgoing individuals like the rural girl-gang leader Young Sook (Park Bo Young), who’s hopelessly in love with Joong Gil (Lee Jong Suk), the local player. Meanwhile, rival gangster Gwang Sik (Kim Young Kwang) stirs things up when he “claims” Young Sook as his girl, but when the sweet and innocent So Hee (Lee Se Young) moves into town, she ignites these stewing passions into a rapid boil.

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