The wait is over for Pokémon fans around the world. Nintendo has just announced the release of Pokémon GO, a smartphone game that allows players to catch creatures in their everyday, real-life environments. This groundbreaking game is scheduled for release sometime in 2016.

Nintendo, along with augmented reality game creator Niantic, has come up with a dream-come-true game for die-hard Pokémon fans. The game, titled Pokémon GO, utilizes the smartphone's location and camera capabilities to bring Pokémon creatures to life in the players' real-life surroundings. This means you can step out onto your street in the morning and find Pikachu hiding behind one of the trees on your sidewalk! The game also comes with a bracelet-type device that will vibrate and let you know when a creature is around. Once you catch the creatures, you can train them for missions and even trade them with players from around the world. 

This futuristic game comes on the 20th anniversary of the first Pokémon game, Pocket Monsters: Red&Green, released on Gameboy in 1996. In just 20 years, a game played on a tiny screen has evolved into a game that brings creatures to life in the game player's everyday surroundings. One can only imagine how games will be played 20 years from now.  Looks like gamers can actually look forward to getting older!

Snorlax is around...