Earlier this year, after wrapping up his role in Hollywood movie The Prince, mega-entertainer Rain (a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon) also finished shooting his first Chinese film, For Love or Money (lead role "Xu Chengxun") with popular Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei, a.k.a. Crystal Liu. Presently, he is shooting his fifth Korean drama My Lovable Girl (lead role "Lee Hyun Wook") with actress Krystal Jung, a.k.a. Jung Soo Jung or Chrystal Soo Jung, of the popular K-pop group f(x).

Do you see a pattern here? Rain has been doing double-duty in the "crystal" department. :)

The movie For Love or Money (露水红颜, in Mandarin, with working titles Roots of Dew and Difficult Love) is a romantic drama about a girl from a declining aristocratic family who has been forced to live a normal working life. She meets an impoverished but talented painter (who may not be as poor as he seems), and they slowly fall into a risky, mesmerizing, passionate love that she tries desperately to avoid. You guessed it, they are as star-crossed as all get-out.

There's the added pressure of another man in her life, danger, and a ton of secrets. The obstacles against them are tremendous.

Wah! I already know my "feels" are going to be out of control with this one.

No, that is NOT Rain (below)! Gah! Chinese netizens were aghast for Rain when pictures similar to this one hit the Internet. They will be going to the theaters in droves to see if Rain gets the girl!

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For Love or Money is Rain's movie debut in China, and it opens in theaters there on November 7 of this year. Just like with My Lovable Girl, I can't wait, and I suggest we all invest in plenty of Kleenex and handkerchiefs.

Tearjerker Alert!

Source: For Love or Money movie page on movie.douban.com

Image credits: Director Gao Xixi's Weibo, For Love or Money micro-blog on Weibo, Huatu.com, Cloud USA

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