One thing can't be denied — the Internet loves cats. In fact, #cat is one of the top 100 hashtags used on Instagram. The Australian branch of international cat food brand Whiskas has smartly capitalized on that popularity with its most recent project, a small Wi-Fi connected, motion-activated camera that not only hangs around your kitty's neck and takes pictures of his or her views, but also uploads those pictures directly to your kitty's Instagram.

Behold, the Catstacam! See the world through cats' eyes.

Is that cool or what? Let's check out my favorite Instagraming felines.

1. meow_rocket was "nosing around" in one pic and catches its paw in the action quite a bit, but I love when the fluffy little cat gazed wistfully at the outdoors.

2. catnamed_charlie's point of view often takes place through whiskers. Cute!

3. A mirror selfie from itslolacat. Aw, nice going, Lola.

4. barry_thecat chillaxing in his yard.

5. Looks like is eyeballing the family dog's bed. Ruh-roh.

6. JacknLuna are two Devon Rex kitties who share an Instagram account. Brother Jack posted a pic of his sister Luna's pretty profile, while Luna snapped half of Jack's cat belly. LOL

7.bigjackson_cat down in the dirt, under the car, and sneaking into the neighbor's house, ha ha. Wow, porch steps look like a mountain to a cat.

8. I have to agree with the commenter on tigger.time's Instagram who said cats are better at photo composition than some humans. :) 

An even cooler thing is that Whiskas brought in some cat experts to help the owners with questions about their pets' behaviors and habits, right there in the photo's comment thread.

Now, the coolest thing of all: Whiskas originally meant to give out a limited few of these early-phase Catstacams for the marketing campaign only, but they are now looking into expanding the camera's availability. Public response must have been great. So, what do you think? 

If you would outfit your kitty with a Catstacam and let it take on the social media world, raise your hand!

To see more photos (and there are many), simply search the hashtag #catstacam

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