"Whoooaaaa...Dang boy!" I said when I saw this gif (actually anytime I see any photos of Taeyang from Big Bang ever). Good news for those of you stateside who want a piece of this action live and in front of your very eyes: Taeyang is performing a solo show in San Francisco this November!

Let's just take a little look at what you might expect to see there. I wouldn't want anyone to show up unprepared. You might just have a heart attack from hotness overload, so it's best to gradually expose yourself.

1. Just start real slow with his face.

2. Once you've got that you can move on to him fully clothed.

3. Feeling ok? Good, because it's all coming off!

Let's take a breather because this next part is gonna be intense....

4. Ok, come back to me! Now you're ready for some ab action. Here he is in all his glory.

5. And when you're ready for the final step of immersion, watch this little video where he is shirtless most of the time:

Alright, you've officially been inoculated against the deadly disease known as Taeyang-itis. You can now feel free to expose yourself to him as much as your little heart desires!

Are you prepared for Taeyang?