A tourist spent a night with his parents and girlfriend eating what they thought were lamb skewers at a Chinese roadside food stand, but the fun ended when he had to be admitted to a hospital because his back and ankles were covered with bruises each the size of a sheet of paper. The suspected culprit: bromadiolone, more commonly known as rat poison.

When traveling and eating in China on the street and at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the perils of gutter oil are not the only things one has to consider. The Ministry of Public Health released its findings of rat, fox, and mink meat being marketed as lamb and duck skewers or Mongolian beef jerky in China. Some of these animals are killed using rat poison, which can be transferred to humans when eaten. Doctors believe the tourist ate the rat poison that night when eating “lamb” skewers with his parents and girlfriend.

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So as a safety reminder, either avoid the street food or make sure to bring a trustworthy tour guide with you when you visit China.