Celebrity chef Eric Ripert knows food. The popular TV chef and owner of Le Bernardin, a restaurant that received four stars from New York Times, recently traveled with a writer from Bon Appetit magazine to South Korea to go on an all-encompassing food tour of the region. The chef's journey included a tour of a food market, a Buddhist temple, the Gangnam District, and a farm, among many others.

The food is as eclectic as it is delicious as the author Matt Rodbard notes, "A typical Saturday-night feast could include cloudy ox bone soup, pan-fried mung bean pancakes, sautéed pork lacquered with ginger and red pepper paste, and grilled salted mackerel—all prefaced by the ceremonial small plates of well-seasoned vegetables and pickles that land on the table with the urgency of a Unicef air drop."

The duo wasted no time sampling all of the country's best food offerings, and you can tell from the video that Ripert was mesmerized by the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Ripert and his colleague were treated like royalty, even visiting with South Korea's most noted monk/chef, Jeok Mun, at a blissful temple. Check out the below video and great photographs of their incredible adventure.

Above the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan.

Crowded docks in Busan.

Chef Ripert shooting off fireworks on their last night in Busan.

Line at Vatos Urban Tacos.

The chef taking pictures of his amazing cuisine.

Delicious Korean dumplings.

Coffee shop in Gangnam.

Enjoying a meal at a Buddhist temple.

Chef at the Seoil Farm.

Checking out all the tasty seafood at the market.

Sipping on a popular margarita/beer mixed drink, a popular cocktail in Seoul.

Gwangjang Market which is the oldest daily market in Seoul.