On May 12, married idols Moon Hee Jun and Soyul celebrated their daughter's first birthday! The H.O.T leader and former Crayon Pop member even took part in a commemorative photo shoot with their sweet baby girl. Over the weekend, one photo from the shoot was released to the public, and has everyone thrilled!

A photo studio source couldn't stop complimenting the lovely family. "The baby was really cute and loveable. She inherited her parents’ talent and has a lot of energy. Moon Hee Jun didn’t seem awkward as a father and played an active role in taking care of the baby. Soyul was feminine and acted like a dutiful wife. It was heartwarming to see their faces as they smiled and couldn’t take their eyes off of their daughter," the source explained.

So precious! The celebrity couple welcomed their first baby into the world on May 12, 2017. They wed in February 2017 after enjoying years in the spotlight in their respective idol groups. Hee Jun rose to fame in 1996 as the leader of the popular boy group H.O.T, while Soyul gained international recognition in 2012 as a member of Crayon Pop.

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