Leslie Kee's Book Cover with Nude Male Photos Celebrity photographer Leslie Kee is well known in the entertainment industry—he's worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyonce, G-Dragon and Ayumi Hamasaki. He was arrested this week in Tokyo, Japan for distributing lewd photos with male genitalia. His fans and Japanese fashion icons are protesting his arrest, as he was selling copies of his book inside a gallery. His show "FOREVER YOUNG" violated Japan's law that requires censorship of genitals. Leslie_Kee_Beyonce_Big_Bang_G-Dragon Leslie_Kee_Lady_Gaga The 41-year-old, Tokyo-based photographer is facing a large fine after his arrest. In the video below, he has a short interview about how he grew up (spoken in English). He was introverted as a child, growing up as the child of a prostitute. Kee's mother passed away when she was 13 years old. Before she passed, she asked Kee what he wanted as a gift. Leslie asked for a camera so he can take photos of his younger sister, as he has had no photos of himself or of anyone else growing up. Watch the video here! Leslie_Kee If this was an issue in the US icons such as Robert Mapplethrope would have been deemed obscene a long time ago. Wait, HE WAS? Well, come on Japan, its 2013! What do you think? Should he have been arrested? (souce: www.appledaily.com.tw)