Open World Entertainment's CEO, who had been charged for sexual assault, has appealed for a six year sentence.  The 50-year-old Jang Suk Woo's lawyers have asked for probation as well, the reason being that he is the head of the household for both his family and mother. Apparently, his being over the age of 50 is part of the reason for his appeal.

Jang Suk Woo abused his power to sexually harass trainees (two were minors) approximately ten times, and there are also rumors of the involvement of OWE's male idol groups in this scandal. Netizens are horrified, and expressed disbelief at his appeal of a six year prison sentence for such heinous, disgusting acts.

His family is traumatized by the ongoing scandal and his daughter is in shock over the news of her father in the media. Netizens questioned, "How can someone with a daughter do something like this?" and expressed their strong opposition to his appeal, saying "Six years of sentence is nothing compared to all the years of pain and trauma the viticms have to live with for the rest of their lives. I hope the judge rejects his appeal."

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