A school in Guangzhou is now offering CEO training courses for children as young as three years old. According to the program's brochure, classes promote corporate leadership building with activities such as "filing in missing words in sentences and stacking up toy bricks". The courses promise to "enable the children to become a powerful and competitive leaders." It almost sounds like this school came straight out of a K-drama! 

Learning to become a CEO doesn't come cheap. For these twice a week classes, parents pay roughly $7,500 a year. Reportedly, most of the children come from wealthy families and many parents decided to enroll their kids because they didn't want their child to be left behind.

However, it turns out that these classes may not be anything special. Many parents of the students admitted that the training course turned out to consist of mostly play and not very much CEO training. They complained that the teachers were no better than just glorified babysitters.

Something tells me Boys Over Flowers' Gu Jun Pyo would make a better teacher!

Are you surprised that parents signed up their kids for these classes ? How young is too young to begin learning how to lead the world? Share your thoughts below!

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