What is Choi Ji Woo's opinion of the YG Family? In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, the Twenty Again actress happily chatted about the warm, homey atmosphere at her current agency, YG Entertainment. The news outlet asked her a variety of questions, including what she thought about Kang Dong Won joining YG and her own contract renewal.

“Honestly, I don’t see singers from my agency much. It’s true that we don’t see each other often because of our different fields. We just spend time with each other when we attend year-end company dinners or special activities," she confessed. "I haven’t worked with Kang Dong Won before so we are not close on a personal level. I just found out about Kang Dong Won coming to YG Entertainment through the news. If I had to express the feeling in one word, ‘Wow!’ is what I would say. I was just surprised.”

Regarding her contract renewal, the K-drama queen admitted that the company feels like home to her. She values long-term working relationships. She has even been with the same stylist for 20 years! "YG is like a roof to me. It has a secure feeling. CEO Yang Hyun Suk always believes in me and entrusts me [with what I do]. Don’t you think that’s why I was able to continuously promote within a certain range after coming to the company?”

Many recording artists boast about the freedom YG Entertainment gives them. Stars like Gu Hye Sun have been able to branch out as a actress, singer, songwriter and director while being under YG.

Do you agree with Choi Ji Woo's view of YG Entertainment? Would you join the family if you were given the opportunity? 


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