In a shocking lawsuit, a man has alleged that he is the real biological father to Cha Seung Won's son, Cha No Ah, and he wants 1 billion won (about US $1 million) to compensate for his hurt pride because Cha has claimed to be the real father. This is such an odd allegation that it sounds unreal, but the famous actor from Greatest Love and You Are All Surrounded has admitted that his son is adopted. What's going on?

Soon after the lawsuit was filed by a man who claimed to be Cha No Ah's birth father, Cha Seung Won's agency, YG Entertainment, confirmed that the actor adopted Cha No Ah after marrying his wife, who had the child from her previous marriage.  

In its October 6 press release, YG Entertainment explained that "Cha Seung Won got married 22 years ago, and he became one family with his wife, as well as her three-year-old son born from her previous husband, whom she divorced. Cha Seung Won firmly believes that he gave birth to his son Cha No Ah with his heart, and he has shared that he still does not regret the decision he made at that time."

What the public previously knew was from his wife Lee Soo Jin's book of essays, where she said that her son was born after she and Cha married. Cha Seung Won was questioned about this discrepancy of facts after his agency confirmed the adoption. The actor said the following in an interview: 

"I acknowledge the small lie my wife and I made for the sake of No Ah, and I would like to apologize to everyone. I would appreciate if people understood that at the time, we couldn't reveal everything." He continued, "No matter what anyone says, No Ah is my son. I don't know how far this is going to go, but we are going to love each other more and become stronger."

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The actor has raised Cha No Ah as his son, biological or not. He even stood by and supported No Ah though his scandals in a drug charge that ended in probation and a sexual assault charge (withdrawn) last year. Cha also publicly apologized for not properly doing his job as a father. According to the news report, there is no record of the birth father being present to support No Ah.  

(photos: GQ, kdramastars)