Choi Si Won of Super Junior and much-loved Chae Rim of Dal Ja's Spring star in this fun, upbeat story of a spunky housewife and a demanding superstar who fall in love. A romantic comedy in the tradition of Last Scandal, Oh My Lady is about a conceited young superstar who becomes a parent, grows up, and falls in love with his daughter's 35-year-old nanny (in that order) in this bubbly drama. Yoon Gae Hwa (Chae Rim) is a divorced single mother who is forced to hand her daughter over to the care of her ex-husband when she runs out of money. Her job as a restaurant manager hasn't paid in months, and she's forced to take on temporary jobs. Her latest temporary job as a housekeeper for superstar actor Sung Min Woo (Choi Si Won) turns out to be an unexpected windfall, however, when she's offered a job at a production company based on her relationship with the superstar. The company's president offers her a deal: get Min Woo to take the lead in the company's upcoming musical, and he will hire her full-time. Desperate to make enough money to get her daughter back, Gae Hwa agrees, but when she shows up at Min Woo's apartment, they both get the surprise of their lifetimes. Min Woo's young daughter, whom he hadn't even known existed, has been dropped off at the apartment by her mother. Min Woo hires Gae Hwa to look after her in exchange for starring in the musical, and soon all kinds of live-in hijinks occur as Gae Hwa, acting as Min Woo's manager, sets out to make him a better actor and a better father. Watch Oh My Lady now on DramaFever!