South Korean actress Chae Rim, who became famous for All About Eve, which also starred Jan Dong Gun, has admitted to her new romance with Chinese actor Gao Xingqi (also known as Jiame Gao.)

After a failed marriage with well-known singer Lee Seung Hwan, Chae Rim decided to expand her career in China and has been popular there. She recently starred in a drama with the handsome Gao where the two played a married couple. Now, the relationship has become a real-life Noona romance as Gao is 3 years younger than Chae Rim.

They stayed low-key for three or four months until they were recently 'caught' by paparazzi at the airport. Chae Rim then made a public acknowledgement that she is happily in love. She said they were originally planning to announce their relationship on her birthday. They are apparently in a serious relationship as there is discussion about their plans to be married by the end of this year.

Best wishes to Chae Rim's newfound happiness and her budding romance with Gao Xingqi.