changmin When it comes to relationships, even hallyu stars like TVXQ's Changmin admit to having a wandering heart. On a recent airing for Moonlight Prince, Changmin revealed that he once became interested in another woman while already dating someone. While discussing tips on how a woman should "use" or act towards men while in a relationship, one guest asked the male celebrity guests, "Isn't there a higher chance of cheating if the guy had already cheated once before?" TVXQ's Changmin, one of the main MCs for Moonlight Prince, shockingly admitted, "I've had an incident where I had garnered interest for someone else while I was in a relationship. Of course I didn't cheat but I did end things with the girl friend at the time. I think everyone has moments when their feelings waver and I don't consider conflicted feelings as cheating." What are your thoughts on swaying hearts while in a relationship? (Source: